VIDEO: Watch Episode 1 of The Culture Shift with Dr Ann Hagell

The first episode of our brand-new video series, The Culture Shift has finally landed! Watch in full below with our special guest, Dr Ann Hagell, Research Lead at the Association for Young People’s Health.

Hear from Ann about why young people’s views are vital to inform health service provision, the influence of peer support, new models of youth health practice, plus much more:


Episode 1: Let’s get it right! Young people and their health with Dr Ann Hagell


If you missed our launch video for #TheCultureShift and want to know more, watch it here.

Don’t forget, if you work with young people and have something to say, or have a related topic or expert you’d like to see featured in a future video – please do let us know!

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Young people health initiatives mentioned by Ann in this video:
  • NHS Youth Forum – giving a voice to young people on the health issues that matter most to them;
  • The TOGETHER Study – a group clinic model for young people with type 1 diabetes;
  • The Well Centre in Streatham – a youth health hub supporting young people aged 13-20 in south London.


See you next time!

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Editor notes:

This episode was filmed and produced by Two Cubed Creative. Digital graphics were designed and developed by Ivill Design.