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Read the latest article by On The Pulse Director, Laurence Woollard, in an exclusive for Pharmafile entitled, “Haemophilia & Generation Zzzz: Waking up young people to new treatment possibilities!”

Click here to access the freely available Autumn edition.

Here’s an excerpt from the feature that centres on engaging and activating young people living with haemophilia in the UK, who may be passively accepting their care:

“If we hope to reach a level of young people’s engagement where they are more proactive about seeking out treatment information related to their haemophilia and confident using it in choice, any intervention first has to build in a consistent and compelling use value. If a young person is unaware of their own clinical needs and/or breadth of new possibilities with their care… what is going to encourage them to sign up or take part, and how will the intervention retain their buy-in for the long-term?”


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