LISTEN: EMG Health Podcast on gene therapy for haemophilia

A bonus episode of the European Medical Group (EMG) Health Podcast features an interview with On The Pulse director, Laurence Woollard and paediatric haematologist, Dr Steven Pipe, on the latest advancements in gene therapy for haemophilia.

Hosted by Dr Julie Ann Lough, the podcast sees Laurence and Dr Pipe, an eminent Professor of Paediatrics and Professor of Pathology at the University of Michigan, exchange thoughts and perspectives on what gene therapy for haemophilia could mean for both patients and clinicians. They dive into some of the hot topics and key questions facing gene therapy. This includes: expectations of current clinical trials and marketing approval, eligibility and enduring challenges pre- and post-treatment, patient expectations and the consent process, long-term safety and efficacy as well as future predictions.

During the interview, Laurence makes reference to many aspects of the review article he had published on informed consent practices for haemophilia gene therapy. He also touches on the Infected Blood Inquiry in the UK and how the contaminated blood scandal makes for a precautionary principle with respect to decision making around gene therapy where uncertainties persist.

Listen to the bonus podcast episode in full here.

Pictured: Dr Steven Pipe (left) and Dr Julie Ann Lough (right).

This podcast was funded by a Pfizer educational grant, in which the position and discussions might not represent the position of Pfizer.


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Laurence’s involvement, on behalf of On The Pulse, was purely voluntary, neither did the sponsor have any editorial control over his content or output.