World Haemophilia Day 2019 – Online Exclusive for PharmaTimes

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It’s that special time of the year again… April 17 is officially World Haemophilia Day! People across the global haemophilia community will unite to increase awareness and understanding of those living with the condition and other bleeding disorders.

To mark the occasion, we’re especially pleased to feature exclusively in PharmaTimes online. Hear from On The Pulse Director, Laurence Woollard, with a heartfelt call for action to prioritise early intervention for young people living with haemophilia in the UK, and to ensure they receive the relevant age-appropriate education and support. This is in keeping with our core research activities to raise young people’s expectations of what they want and can achieve today and in the future.

The article, titled “Engaging today’s generation of young people aged 10 to 24 living with haemophilia to advocate for nothing less than a bleed-free life” is available to read here.

We would really like to thank Selina McKee, News Editor at PharmaTimes Media, for making this possible.


Theme for 2019: ‘Outreach and Identification’

Every year, within the framework of World Haemophilia Day, a different theme is promoted and celebrated. We reported on the 2018 campaign that was centred around the community’s first-hand knowledge and experience needed to help increase awareness and improve access to care and treatment.

Well, this year’s campaign entitled, ‘Outreach and Identification’ focuses on reaching out and identifying new members of the bleeding disorders community.

The World Federation of Hemophilia – who founded the event in honour of its founder Frank Schnabel’s birthday – support outreach projects in various countries, notably the Humanitarian Aid Programme. #WHD2019 is an opportunity to promote local and regional initiatives within the global bleeding disorders community as well as to help inform future endeavours.

Get involved by accessing free resources from the World Haemophilia Day webpage.


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