Talking informed consent for gene therapy on BloodStream™ podcast

The latest episode of BloodStream™, a bleeding disorders community podcast, is now freely available to listen to, featuring a guest appearance from On The Pulse director, Laurence Woollard, talking all things informed consent for gene therapy in haemophilia.

Laurence is accompanied by Dr Rich Gorman and Dr Dakota Rosenfelt as they unpack for listeners their recently published journal article, ‘Improving patient informed consent for haemophilia gene therapy: a case for change’.

In the 40-plus minute episode, BloodStream™ hosts, Patrick James Lynch and Amy Board, explore with the co-authors some of the dynamics and complexities involved when consenting to ‘irreversible’ treatments like gene therapy, including patients’ analysis of benefit-risk and the readability and comprehensibility of consent forms. Also, Laurence, Rich and Dakota discuss potential strategies and action-oriented takeaways from the paper to enhance the consent procedure, such as emphasising consent as a process and the co-opting of an independent patient expert to provide an unbiased voice in the proceedings.

Whether you are new to the wonderful world of podcasts or searching for a fresh recommendation, this one is not to be missed! Listen to the episode here.

Promo image for BloodStream™ episode on informed consent for gene therapy.


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